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Chaff Cutters

Chaff Cutters

Chaff Cutters

Chaff Cutters
Chaff Cutters
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Chaff Cutter

A chaff cutter or box was a wooden trough through which the farmer fed straw chaff, hay and oats and then cut them using an attached blade into ½ inch pieces. The farmer mixed these small pieces of chaff with other forage and fed it to cattle and horses, creating a less expensive feed that was easy for the animals to digest. Two models of chaff cutters existed; a larger, heavier stable version kept in a barn and a smaller, lighter and portable version. Men used the portable chaff cutters and went on the road to cut farmers' chaff for them, giving rise to a well-paid agricultural occupation for a time.
Chaff Cutter Hand Driven
We make available in the markets Hand Driven Chaff Cutter, which is made using high grade components. Hand Driven Chaff Cutter is made in accordance with set industrial standards and norms. Easy accessibility and affordable prices has cemented our position amidst most reliable Hand Driven Chaff Cutter Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.
Chaff Cutter Power Driven
Clients can avail from us Power Driven Chaff Cutter, which is designed with extreme perfection and care. Manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, Power Driven Chaff Cutter is high on demand in the national and global markets. Power Driven Chaff Cutter is equipped with all the latest features and obtainable at most economical prices. The chaff cutter we offer works on single phase electrical motor or diesel engine.
Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter 
We manufacture heavy duty shaft cutters that are available in hand driven as well as power driven types. These cutters have high quality hardened blades and the diameter of the wgheel is approximately 830 mm.


Chaff cutter machine: Technologies

This is a fabricate precision engineered chaff cutter machine (table model) which is used in uniform chopping of the fodder for live stock or raw material to agro industries. Our range of product is durable, functionally superior and requires least maintenance and is available in 2 H.P. single phase table model.
Agricultural Machines

Fabricated adopting latest technological advancements, agricultural equipments have enabled us to mark a presence in the industry. A visionary approach and use of high quality raw material helps us in tailoring precision engineered equipment to meet the diverse need of the farmers.

Hand Operated Chaff Cutter Machine

Designed and developed using technological advancements, hand operated chaff cutter or manual chaff cutter machine is highly precised machine and are smooth to operate. Impeccably designed, these chaff cutters are useful for chopping up hay and oat-straw to feed livestock and prepare fine raw material for
food processing industries. The technical specifications of the equipment are tabulated as follows


Chaff Cutter Machine How to work

The chaff box or cutter was a simple but ingenious device for cutting straw chaff, hay, and oats into small pieces - before being mixed together with other forage and fed to horses and cattle. Apart from being more economical than previous methods of feeding, this aided the animal's digestion and prevented animals from rejecting any part of their food. Since the chaff box was made largely of wood (usually ash) with only a small amount of ironwork, it cost relatively little to make and, as a result, few farms, town or country stables were without one by the end of the eighteenth century.

There were two sizes, one of heavy construction which normally resided in the darkened corners of barns or stables and another smaller model made of pine or similar wood which was portable.

Chaff Cutter Blades
We are offering a wide range of Chaff Cutter Blades. These C.C Blades are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. These C.C Blades are in high demand in the market. Different sizes and designs are easily available in the market. Our C.C Blades are available at industrial leading prices.
Precision Chaff Cutter

We offer wide range of Precision Chaff Cutter which includes Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter etc. These Precision Chaff Cutter are designed in the close conformation to the global standard and norms. They are very endurable and have long functional life and that also with barest minimum maintenance. You can avail them at very affordable rates as well.

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